Patient User Interface (PUI). The PUI is a secure touchscreen interface allowing patients to operate the device (select songs, set the volume).

Touch sensors. These sensors can be installed behind glass or any other interface surface, e.g., ceramic tiles.

Audio amplifier. The amplifier was selected for its audio qualities. It only turns on when music is being played, meaning there are no unwanted noises that might upset patients.

Medical Unit Interface (MUI). The MUI is an easy-to-use control system allowing care-givers to switch the device on/off, set the maximum volume, change the music selection and access listening statistics.

Loudspeakers. Our system can be hooked up to an existing setup or we can recommend suitable speakers.

Listening statistics. Anonymised statistics are available on our servers, including listening time disaggregated by emotional category, the top 10, trends. They serve as tips for facilitating dialogue between carers and patients.

European conformity. Ktell listening devices comply with current European regulations (IEC 63000, IEC 62368-1, EN 62311).


We provide installation assessment for Ktell music listening devices in a range of settings, and we develop tailor-made solutions.

  • Modified to the space available
  • Adjusted to the acoustics of the space
  • Adapted to current safety regulations
  • Evaluations of user needs/expectations

We also provide after-sales service for the devices we install.